Build a more supportive world for those diagnosed

Our partners play a supportive role in enabling our mission that no one diagnosed walks alone and in providing equitable access to conversational care. Organizations, healthcare providers, payers and individuals sponsor AskEllyn, so those diagnosed with breast cancer and their families always have free access to AskEllyn's support and companionship.

Incorporate AskEllyn into Your Care

  • We work with you and your team to enhance AskEllyn’s learning model to incorporate content customized to your organization and your patient’s needs.
  • We create a custom co-branded version of AskEllyn for inclusion on your website, patient portal or app to extend your support for patients 24/7 and in every language.
  • Customized onboarding program including clinician training and patient communication tools.
  • We measure and report back on usage of AskEllyn including number of interactions, extended conversations, time of day.

Wow, is all I can say about that beautiful experience of having questions answered which made me feel so much better.

Benefits of AskEllyn

  • Be there with support in the middle of the night when your patients are their most vulnerable.
  • Offer patients, family and friends a unique and modern form of non-medical support.
  • Reach today’s diverse patient communities with multi-lingual non-medical supportive care.
  • Incorporate the lived experience of a survivor into your patient engagement model.
  • Digitally enhance your nurse and patient navigation models with a digital non-medical patient navigation.