A girlfriend's companion guide for those on the breast cancer journey.

One in eight women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime.
FLAT PLEASE is one woman’s story.

After the initial shock of hearing that you have breast cancer, women find themselves navigating the foreign waters of medical diagnostics, surgery and treatment.

As a fellow traveller on this road, Ellyn Winters quickly realized that with knowledge comes power, and that power gives women the semblance of control in what is, quite honestly an uncontrollable situation.

She began to understand that many women diagnosed with breast cancer are left at the mercy of the process and the healthcare system. They are often uncertain about their next steps. They are bewildered, traumatized and frightened beyond belief. They are ashamed. And they also can feel alone and adrift in their diagnosis.

Funny, dark, uplifting, real and packed with practical, curated wisdom, FLAT PLEASE is a love letter to other women who find themselves on the breast cancer journey. Written by a fellow survivor, FLAT PLEASE is the quintessential girlfriend’s guide to navigating the turbulent waters of diagnosis, doctor’s appointments, surgery, treatments and all that lies in between with greater confidence and optimism. In it, Ellyn candidly shares her breast cancer journey from self-exam to double mastectomy to flat (and everything in between).

For friends and family members who are part of that woman’s care circle, FLAT PLEASE is also an essential read. It offers a vital window of understanding into their loved one’s world and the emotional roller coaster they’re riding.